Friday, September 16, 2011

Jocelynn's Canning Tips :-)

Tomatoes: I do the "cold pack" method..put tomatoes in the jar uncooked, place in cold water in the "on-the-stove-canner" and after the water comes to a boil, time it for 45 takes a while but I don't pressure can

If you want to save some time with the canning, after you core and peel the tomaotes, put them in a large pan and heat them hot, having your jars in hot water , then pack your hot jars with the hot tomaotes and place them in the canner (like the one we have) into hot water and your "heating to boil time" will be alot less...then after they come to a rolling boil time it to 45 minutes.This method is called "hot pack'... I just prefer the cold pack

wash them, put them in boiling water just long enough to loosen the skin, place them in ice cold water, take them out and core , and remove the skin..I then cut mine up but you don't have to, and place them in the clean jar, add 2 tablespoons of lemon jucie or white vinegar (doesn't change the taste at all, just adding acid to help the preservation process), add a teaspoon of canning salt, place them in the canner , let it come to a rolling boil, time them for 45 minutes...take them out, let them cool

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